Marlouk has a soft, powerful energy. My first meeting with her felt familiar and safe. Marlouk invites you to be yourself and to enter the world from that authentic field. What I find special about her is her ability to express and share her own vulnerability, so she immediately takes you to the core of sincere togetherness. Peace, silence alternating with constructive energy characterize our special contact. I am happy to have Marlouk in my life.

Kim, Amsterdam

A very pure person with a lot of strength and love, without judgment and a lot of space for you. In a special way, the correct subjects arise and with both words and energy, they receive Marlouks attention, creating peace and space. After the session I felt energy and strength. Marlouk is an intensely pure person, we did not know each other but I immediately felt that Marlouk is the right person. She is very sincere in het sessions. I am very happy with the experiences and healing received from Marlouk.


I experienced a bad energy distribution within myself and Marlouk brought me back into balance during her session. I now have peace in my head by reflecting on my needs. The session also brought balance in my body and in my energy. During the session I felt my energy flow in the form of heat, very pleasant to experience. We have had great conversations that have given me insight into how I can ground more.

K. Lonsain

References can also be read on my profile It’s Just Therapy >>

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