The heart is the connection to the soul and the source in where the creative life energy flows.

Food of the Gods

Besides the Dream rituals, I also like working with Kawkaw (cocoa) rituals and ceremonies. The pure form of Kawkaw (cocoa) in these rituals and ceremonies ensure that you can open your heart more easily and thus feel even better where your true heart desires lie.

Kawkaw is pure raw cocoa and brings you into contact with your heart, a real heart opener. The Kawkaw spirit is a feminine spirit with a powerful and gentle energy that allows you to observe what is happening in your heart in a very subtle, loving and silent way. During the ritual she takes you on a journey and lets you come into contact with your consciousness and lets you experience where you are at this moment in your life.

The kawkaw is originally from Quatamala. It was used by the ancient Maya during rituals and ceremonies and seen as a ‘holy tree’ and ‘Food of the Gods’. Do you have the desire to experience the Kawkaw ritual in addition to the dream rituals, then I can help you with that. The Kawkaw ritual has a powerful transforming effect on your body and gives a deeper connection with your heart in which you receive wise insights and direction and answers to your questions.

The Kawkaw ritual can be done individually and also as a couple. For example, you may have the desire to get into a deeper heart connection with each other in your relationship. In addition, I also organize group ceremonies. A group ceremony or cacao ritual lasts about five hours. This time is needed to connect with the Kawkaw in peace, space and confidence.

Practical information: a cocoa ritual individual takes between 4-5 hours and costs €250,- For a group the price is €90,- per person. During the group ceremony I take a little more time to fully experience the effect of the cocoa and can take between 5-6 hours.

Marlouk has a soft, powerful energy. My first meeting with her felt familiar and safe. Marlouk invites you to be yourself and to enter the world from that authentic field. What I find special about her is her ability to express and share her own vulnerability, so she immediately takes you to the core of sincere togetherness. Peace, silence alternating with constructive energy characterize our special contact. I am happy to have Marlouk in my life.

Kim, Amsterdam

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