I am Marlouk van Gooswilligen and I work as Shaman Moonheart with ancient shamanistic rituals & ceremonies. During the rituals I am able to make everything that does not belong within you disappear and bring you back into contact with your real essence, so called “your soul” in shamanism.

‘It seems like everything I worry about is no longer an issue’, one of the reactions I often get back to during my rituals. I bring you into attention with your quiet holy place within yourself where the answers lie on all your life questions. Do you feel the desire to look through all the layers and to clearly feel who you are deep inside? It is a process that requires your complete dedication. Because once you have felt what the truth is, there is no way back.

My own journey started in Nepal

About 20 years ago my parents, who are both doctors, founded the Nepalimed foundation for the Dhulikhel Hospital This foundation is dedicated to help improve the health care in Nepal. Six years ago, I traveled for the first time to this special country with their rich traditional Buddhist and Hindu religion.

I became acquainted with the compassion that is deeply rooted in the way in which the Nepalese people are connected to each other. The experience of unconditional love and sincerity in the contact I received from these people brought me into contact with my own heart.

This journey was the turning point in my life. I met a shaman there who wanted to transfer his knowledge to me. He saw in me what I had been looking for all my life and called me Didi. (my big sister). I came home to a world that turned out to be very familiar to me and during the shamanic journeys I experienced brought me into contact with my soul and life mission

What does being a Shaman mean to me?

From a young age I felt a strong connection with nature and in particular with the animals. A natural energy of connection with everything that lived on earth was present in me. As a child I healed animals, especially birds. For a long time I was accompanied as a child by crows that I found in the woods and i raised them. I had no idea that this was not the case for everyone, I thought it was normal. The long-term suppression of this gift, there was no room for this in my upbringing, led to more and more unrest and gloom in my life. The power to put it into the light was an indescribable hard journey, which led to awareness and transformation. It brought me into contact with the purest part within me, my soul, who had been there waiting for me in peace and quiet for years.

In 2018, many years later, after my first meeting with my shaman in Nepal and after receiving several teaching from shamans, I met Ahamkara, a Siberian shaman.
He said to me: “Come to Zhivo, my retreat center, and recieve a initiation as a shaman. You are a great healer and after the initiation you will have no doubts about your task as a shaman. “Four weeks after the meeting with Ahamkara I traveled to Siberia and after an initiation of 7 days and nights I received my initiation as shaman Moonheart .

Moonheart is deeply connected to my spirit teacher Ai-Churek, (Moonheart), a powerful and highly respected female shaman in the Tuva, Mongolia. She was born in Taiga, southern Siberia and died in 2010. Her gift was that she could communicate with the spirits of the animals. I had met her months before my initiation in a dream and I feel deeply grateful to have met her again during the initiation and to receive her centuries-old shamanic knowledge and teaching.
I feel it is my calling to introduce the Shamanic knowledge back into the Western world.
Shamanism, it is my natural state of being, it is who I am, I came home when I became Shaman. My job as a shaman demands dedication, fasting one day per week, playing drums and meditating for 1.5 hours a day, eating healthy and living slower. Not because I have to, but because I have the desire to connect myself as a shaman as pure as possible in life as well as in the giving of my rituals.

In addition to guiding these personal dream rituals, I also feel it is my job to bring Shamanism back to the West, especially in Western healthcare. I do this through my foundation Jadana.

Moonheart is connected to a deep and powerful healing moon and heart energy that is connected to the Siberian Spirit of Ulgen, spirit of the sky.


Siberian Spirit

It is the god of the beginning and creation. What ever you want to create is coming to you from the future. The connection with the future is always present when you want something or when you are going to create something. In this world plans are made and are getting details. It is the side of success, progress, new lives and wealth. The future is flexibel, so everything can be changed. Ulgen reads your mind and will create what ever you ask. Be aware of what you are asking. Ulgen does not make any difference between good or bad, easy or difficult. If you ask something trust on Ulgen that you get it. Otherwise you will be blocked by yourself and the energy flow.

Shamans are the quardians and maintainers of rituals and ceremonies designed to affirm the interconnection and interdependence of the human and non-human world.


Teaching and initiation of Shaman Ahamkara Siberia
Himalayan Shamanic practice
Shamanic healer i.o. Wageningen
Healing Touch (Intstitute Astroshamanisme Franco Santoro)
School of Life followed two years (life therapy Haarlem)
Systemic work (Hellinger Institute)
Training for family therapist (BGL Assen)
Training Child and Youth Therapy (BGL Assen)
Writers’ School Amsterdam

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