During a ritual, you bring an intention or a question and I will guide you, through imagination, visualisation and the sounds of the drum to find the answer within yourself.


I am Marlouk van Gooswilligen and I work as Shaman Moonheart with ancient shamanistic rituals & ceremonies. During the rituals I am able to remove everything that does not belong within you and bring you back into contact with your true essence, or “your soul” as we call this in shamanism.

One of the reactions I often hear during my ritual is; ‘It seems like everything I worry about is no longer an issue’. I make you focus on the quiet holy place within yourself where the answers lie to all your questions in life. Do you feel the desire to look through all your layers and to clearly feel who you are deep inside? It is a process that requires your complete dedication. Because once you have felt what the truth is, there is no way back.

Life changing

Experiencing your essence during a session is only just the beginning. I will guide you to the actual manifestation of your essence in several sessions. How are you going to lead life from your heart, your essence, your soul mission? From this, we start working, both during the sessions and with the assignments you that you can do at home, because a session alone is not enough to set in motion this intense transformation. It requires dedication, you will start to experience many things differently in daily life. A direction that asks a lot of you but also gives you the most beautiful experience (back):

‘Getting in touch with your creative flow, your life energy, your inner wisdom and bringing your dream into reality.’

Which Ritual Suits You?

Together we look at which ritual suits you best. A ritual can be very supportive for all kinds of different situations that you encounter in your life. You could think of, for example, a disease that you carry with you and want to get in touch with it, the loss of a loved one, being stuck in your life and wanting to take a different path etc. Just as beautiful experiences in life, for example, the celebration of birth, the want to experience love for yourself and / or for your partner. It can be done individually or in a group. For example for families and even for organizations. Everything that is important to you and that demands attention can be highlighted and transformed in a ritual. It allows you to better understand the situation in your life and to learn how to deal with it differently.

For me it is important that you feel the space to create your own ritual together with me. During my rituals I usually use my shamanic drums and I make contact with what is needed for you. As a Shaman, I have the task to get you to (re)connect with your dreams. The dream ritual is therefore a powerful ritual in which I feel deeply connected as Moonheart. In addition, there is also the Kawkaw (cocoa) ritual. This can be used as extra support in addition to the Dream Ritual. It is also possible to only use the Kawkaw ritual. Interested? In a telephone conversation can explain how I work and we can see which ritual suits you best.

You can contact me via info@moonheart.nl or 06 24 93 17 43.

Do you really want to feel who you are? During a dream ritual I bring you back into contact with your own dreams & desires.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweet determination and hard work

In a dream ritual I take you on a journey to the world of your dreams. In these dreams you will meet the story of your heart in which your desires are hidden. By (re)discovering your dreams, I bring you in deep connection with these desires and in contact with your real source, your soul. Your dream world is your sacred quiet space within yourself that offers everything you need to live an authentic life and live in deep contact with your heart.

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The heart is the connection to the soul and the source in where the creative life energy flows.

Food of the Gods

Besides the Dream rituals, I also like working with Kawkaw (cocoa) rituals and ceremonies. The pure form of Kawkaw (cocoa) in these rituals and ceremonies ensure that you can open your heart more easily and thus feel even better where your true heart desires lie. Kawkaw is pure raw cocoa and brings you into contact with your heart, a real heart opener. The Kawkaw spirit is a feminine spirit with a powerful and gentle energy that allows you to observe what is happening in your heart in a very subtle, loving and silent way. During the ritual she takes you on a journey and lets you come into contact with your own consciousness and lets you experience where you are at this moment of your life.



The place where I give my rituals is an old thatched farmhouse on the outskirts of a village in Drenthe. It is a special place for me. It is the house where I came to live as a two-year-old girl with my parents and where, after twenty-five years of being away, I returned to my home. The farm is surrounded by a lush garden that was created by my mother with much love and dedication, she still lives in the front of the farm. I live in the back of the farm together with my three children. Behind the house you can find meadows protected by a forest edge. If the weather permits, you can also experience the rituals outside. As a child I felt very deeply connected to this place, it enabled me to keep in touch with my heart and soul, a place and a house where I could totally be myself. The house has a tangible past and is in the presence of a very nice healing loving energy.

It feels very special to me that I can give my shamanistic rituals in this place. Feel welcome to come and experience it!

Marlouk has a soft, powerful energy. My first meeting with her felt familiar and safe. Marlouk invites you to be yourself and to enter the world from that authentic field. What I find special about her is her ability to express and share her own vulnerability, so she immediately takes you to the core of sincere togetherness. Peace, silence alternating with constructive energy characterize our special contact. I am happy to have Marlouk in my life.

Kim, Amsterdam

My own journey started in Nepal...

Some 20 years ago my parents, who are both doctors, founded the Nepalimed foundation for the Dhulikhel Hospital. This foundation is dedicated to help improve the health care in Nepal. Six years ago, I traveled for the first time to this special country with their rich traditional Buddhist and Hindu religion.

I became acquainted with the compassion that is deeply rooted in the way in which the Nepalese people are connected to each other. The experience of unconditional love and sincerity in the contact I received from these people brought me into contact with my own heart.

This journey was the turning point in my life. I met a shaman there who wanted to transfer his knowledge to me. He saw in me what I had been looking for all my life and called me Didi. (my big sister). I came home to a world that turned out to be very familiar to me and, during the shamanic journeys I experienced, brought me into contact with my soul and life mission. Read more about my background as a shaman here > >

Shamans are the quardians and maintainers of rituals and ceremonies designed to affirm the interconnection and interdependence of the human and non-human world.

Jadana Foundation

During this trip I was asked by the Dhulikhel Hospital to make the connection between the shamans and the medical staff at the outposts in the isolated areas of the Himalayas, ‘connecting indigenous knowledge with western medicine.’ This was directly connected to my soul mission and brought this to fruition by founding my own foundation “Jadana”. I do this together with Myra Pieters-Engelkes, my dear friend, psychotherapist and great healer.

The Jadana Foundation is deeply connected to my shamanistic rituals. Working with the shamans allows me to learn much more from this ancient wisdom. Their openness inspires me and gives me the courage to take shamanism to the west and to carefully integrate it into Western medicine. What old knowledge and rituals could we use again in the West? How can their way of working positively influence our lifestyle? How can the one-sided vision of Western medicine be connected to this healing form of medicine?

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